Additional North East Swimmers and Coach Selected for England’s 2018 Commonwealth Games Swimming Team

Following the conclusion of the Swim England Winter Championship last month, the Commonwealth Games selectors met to nominate team England’s commonwealth Games Swimming team. Following the summer meets and phase 2 selection process, there were 17 spaces available.

The following swimmers from the North East were nominated based on the phase 3 section of the selection policy:

Joe Litchfield (200 metres IM) and Rosie Rudin (400 metres IM) – City of Sheffield, David Cumberlidge (50 metres Freestyle) (from Tynedale now swimming for Edinburgh University) and Aimee Willmott (400 metres IM) (from Middlesbrough now swimming for Stirling University).

Newcastle Swim Teams’ head coach Ryan Livingstone has also been selected as part of the coaching team for the games.

Ryan and the recently selected swimmers will join Newcastle Swim Team’s Emily Large and City of Sheffield’s Eleanor Faulkner and Max Litchfield who were selected as part of the team in October 2017.

Many congratulations to all that have been selected onto the team and we wish you the best of luck in Australia in April.

To view the full team, please click here.