Durham Performance Hub – February 2015

On Monday night this week we attended the Durham hub session at the Louisa Centre in Stanley where 22 swimmers from across 5 clubs in the county were training together as part of the regular Durham hub training sessions. It was really exciting to see the mix of swimmers and coaches highlighting how clubs within the county can successfully work together.

During the session the swimmers spent time in the pool and the gym. Many of the swimmers have attended all of the sessions and can see the benefits and it has had on their swimming and training.

When asked about the hub sessions, a number of the swimmers commented that they enjoy ‘the mixture of clubs and training with different people’ ‘the interaction with swimmers from other clubs and the ability to mix with other coaches’ and ‘racing new people’. They and their coaches have also recognised the positive impacts that a hub session can offer such as ‘pushing me to the level of the other swimmers who attend’ ‘seeing others train and having a variety in training’ ‘learning how people train and their strengths and weaknesses’ and ‘working hard with a different group of people’.

The swimmers have said that they would like more over 15 year old and senior swimmers to attend the sessions along with more clubs to see different swimmers, increase the level of the training during the session and to learn from other clubs and coaches. This would only help to strengthen the developing hub programme.

If you would be interested in attending one of the hub sessions, please contact Paul Woodley on p.woodley@leisureworks.net.