The Swim England membership year runs from the 1st January to the 31st December. All clubs are required to submit details of their current membership on an annual basis. This information is required to ensure that members are appropriately registered with Swim England and covered under the club insurance provided by Swim England for the activities they take part in.  There are three membership categories which cover all aspects of club activity these are:

Category 1

Individuals who are part of a club and are learning to swim or are swimming at any level within the club network.

It is not for people who compete in open competition in any sport, unless the event has an exemption under Swim England law or is designated as Low Level Competition.

Category 2

Individuals who want to compete in competitions not exempt under Swim England law, or designated as a Low Level Competition.

Details of Low Level Competitions can be found on the Swim England website.

Category 3

Individuals involved in a club who aren’t covered by categories one and two, such as volunteers, administration staff, event staff / volunteers, club helpers, coaches, teachers and parents.

All clubs now have access to the Online Membership System (OMS) where they can view, add and amend their members data.  During the month of December, Swim England will request that clubs submit their final OMS batch of new members or amendments so we can process these prior to closing OMS to allow us to prepare club renewals.

Once these final batches have been processed and renewals created for all clubs, Swim England will re-open OMS to allow clubs to start work on their renewals data.  All clubs will then be required to either renew or lapse their current members and add any new member’s details.  OMS will not allow clubs to submit this data to Swim England until all members have been either renewed or lapsed.  Once all members have been renewed or lapsed clubs will be able to submit this to Swim England Membership Services.  On submission clubs will also be able to view the fee for their renewal batch.  Both the submission of a renewal batch and payment should be received by Swim England Membership Services no later than the end of February.  Payments can be made either by Cheque payable to Swim England, credit / debit card or BACS transfer, details of payments can be found on OMS when submitting the batch.

New members added into a renewals batch are covered under the Swim England insurance from the date they are added onto OMS.

If members are entering competitions and require registering or upgrading prior to a club submitting their renewal batch they can make the necessary amendments on OMS and request that Swim England submit and process these members on their behalf by emailing .

Failure to submit a complete OMS batch or make payment by the end of February will result in the club being suspended and a late fine charged.

Once Swim England have received a full renewal (OMS batch and payment) they will then process this. An email notification will be sent once this has been done.

The annual renewal process is also an opportunity to ensure that all volunteers who; officiate, coach, team manage, support events, are elected committee members or help at in the club in any capacity are fully registered as a minimum Category 3 member.

After Renewals

Once clubs have submitted their completed renewals and this has been processed by Swim England Membership Services this is the best time to ensure that the information Swim England hold on your club officers is correct. We would recommend that club officers details are updated as and when new officers are appointed this can be done through OMS via the “View club officer” link on the homepage. Please also inform the North East Regional office when changes to club officers are made.  Ensuring that Swim England has the correct information with regard to club officers is important, this allows them to communicate relevant information effectively and ensures that we only give out information about members to the correct and authorised members of a club.

As a minimum they require clubs to notify them of the following club officer positions; Club Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman and Membership Secretary.  However, clubs can also notify them of other key position changes.

Any new members who join throughout the year can be added on to OMS and submitted to us at any time.  Fees will be calculated by OMS and shown on the batch estimate, payment is required within 7 days of submitting any OMS batch.