North East Juniors set for tough European test

A team of 37 young athletes will compete at the LEN European Junior Championships this week in what, for many, will be the first time they have flown the Union flag in international waters. Layla Black, Ciara Schlosshan and Leah Crisp (City of Leeds), Lily Boseley (City of Sheffield), Harry Devlin (York City Baths), Nicholas Pyle (Newcastle Swim Team) and Joshua Reasbeck (Doncaster Dartes SC) form part of the squad who are competing in Netanya, Israel from 28th June to the 2nd July.

British Swimming’s Head of Elite Development Tim Jones believes the event, will fuel the aspirations of athletes as they work towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and beyond.
“We wanted to give opportunities to a large group of juniors to race internationally this year and this 37 strong group of athletes supports that aim,” explained Tim. “I’m looking for the hidden gems within the programme and this event offers a great opportunity to unearth these. I want athletes to embrace what this important event has to offer and to use it to take their sport to the next level. I want it to inspire while unearthing some diamonds.”

Selection was earned at the British Swimming Championships in April and follows a strategy aimed at inspiring a generation of young athletes to commit to a journey towards Tokyo 2020 Olympic success by exposing them to high level junior international competition. “This is a great opportunity for this group of athletes. We are at the beginning of an Olympic cycle and there is no reason why this talented group can’t put themselves into contention for the Tokyo games in 2020,” said Tim.

“The British team at the European Juniors in 2014 featured the likes of Duncan Scott, Holly Hibbott, Luke Greenbank and Rosie Rudin. They were in the same position then and successfully transitioned to the seniors. This year they will all compete at the World Championships and there is no reason why this group of athletes can’t push towards the senior team by the end of this cycle.

Tim has tasked the group with adopting key national team principles and processes which he believes will help to deliver success over the five days of competition. “We’re going to have lots of swimmers progressing through to finals and pushing towards the medals but the focus will be on the processes they need to follow and then I’m sure the results will come to us. The event is very much an education for these guys and reinforcing our national team processes is key. We are filling the events as much as we can with four athletes entered in many but only two will be able to progress into the semi-finals. It’s going to be a tough week as the standard of athletes is good but we have a team that has real strength and will be competitive.  As a team we’ve discussed how they we are going to be judged at this event and it will be on our professionalism and how we apply the processes rather than the outcome. If we do that well we know the scoreboard will show us the right result.”

The reminder of the British Swimming team selected for the European Junior Championships comprises of (boys aged 15-18, girls aged 14-17):

Tom Beeley – University of Aberdeen (Scotland)
Kieran Bird – Millfield School (England)
Connor Bryan – City of Oxford SC (Wales)
Harry Constantine – Hatfield SC (England)
Oliver Crosby – Stockport Metro SC (England)
Thomas Dean – Maidenhead ASC (England)
James Eddy – Wycombe District SC (England)
Angharad Evans – West Sufflolk Swimming Club (England)
Anna Fleming – City of Glasgow Swim Team (Scotland)
Lewis Fraser – City of Swansea (Wales)
Jakob Goodman – Millfield School (England)
Jacob Greenow – Taunton Deane SC (England)
Phoebe Griffiths – Ellesmere College Titans SC (England)
Elizabeth Harris – Stockport Metro SC (England)
Isabel Jones – Millfield School (Scotland)
Jasmine McCrea – Poole SC (England)
James McFadzen – Wycombe District SC (England)
Scott McLay – Perth City (Scotland)
Laura McNab – Team Bath AS (England)
Amelia Monaghan – City of Peterborough SC (England)
Jahrel Murphy – Ealing SC (England)
Jessica Podger – City of Bristol (England)
Ryan Retson  – F.I.R.S.T  (Scotland)
Luke Robins – Millfield School  (Scotland)
Ellinor Southward – Ellesmere College Titans SC (England)
Isabel  Spinley – Deepings SC (England)
Tony-Joe Trett Oliver – Mount Kelly Swimming (England)
Rachel Wellings – City of Peterborough SC (England)
Mason Wilby – Loughborough Uni / University of Florida (England)
Alicia Wilson – Guildford City Swimming Club (England)