Regional Update – Synchro Officials

31st January 2017
Now the Grades have been published, the ASA need to ensure the roll out and implementation of the new plans are delivered in each Region. They have subsequently received many questions which have been responded to on an individual basis and there are some themes coming through, so the following information should help clubs, coaches, officials in the next stage of planning as well answering any questions received on a local basis. Please do not hesitate to ask the ASA for clarity, or if any further information is required.

Judge Transition
The following downloadable table shows conversion from previous Assessor/Judges qualifications onto the new system. This shows at what level they will be considered now, what they are able to judge, and what course would be next on their list to do: Synchro Judges Conversion January 2017.

The conversion is based on the content and training of the previous programmes and matched against the new syllabus. It is important to explain that the naming of the courses is new – and is not connected to the previous levels or naming structure. There will be some people who may have more experience/knowledge through other training (eg coaching) but it is important that everyone receives the same level of Judge training.

The ASA do not envisage any exceptions to this migration – however if you feel there is someone with a unique situation (eg a Judge who has recently joined your club having been trained outside of the GB training, then please do get in touch and we can assess the correct level for them).

Judges will need to have done either their Basic Judges course in 2014 or later or if previously qualified; attended the FINA Update Seminar we had in 2013. Action: Please can you liaise with your clubs and send though to Hannah Secher a list of Current and Active Judges and the course that they have done including date if possible.

There has been a request for an Upskilling course – which is designed to provide all judges information about the new grade system and content. This is a non-compulsory course, but you may find it useful to organise one in your Region to ensure all your Judges feel confident in their abilities and informed of what is required.

These sessions can be tailored to suit the needs and level of the people attending. Designed to be more informal in a workshop environment, example content may be to review the new grades, look at examples and discuss the figure description.  These workshops can be delivered by a Presenter (please see point below) but with support of other Level 3 Judges/Presenters.  We would encourage Regions to make it available to as many as possible.

All Judges will have to attend a compulsory update in line with the FINA changes which will include new figures, technical elements and possible judging criteria. This will take place at the end of 2017/beginning 2018.

There is an Upskilling day booked in Loughborough via Carole Henson (for details) and in the NW via Susan Foex (for details) for anyone interested – these have yet to be put onto the ASA Website.

For any Refresher/Upskilling Course please fill out the online application form on the ASA Website as you would normally do when organising a course.

Judge Responsibilities
All judges will be required to keep an up to date log of their activity, have it signed by the Referee of the competition or the Senior Judge on an Grading day for the year of 2017 (as well as attend an Update on FINA changes) to be able to then continue with Judging at that level for 2018. Licensing will continue to be compulsory for all Level 3 Judges, National Scorers and Chief Recorders, but will be reviewed in terms of licensing requirements later in the year.

Nationals Scorers Courses
These have not changed in terms of content or delivery – please book these as normal through the ASA online booking system and liaise with Richard Crisp or your own Chief Recorder to arrange dates and a presenter.

Chief Recorder
There is a course arranged for 4th March 2017 in Loughborough and will be run by Richard. This is on the ASA Website Calendar. All Chief Recorders and National Scorers will have to attend a compulsory update when FINA announce any changes – similar to the Judges

Judges Courses
Our recommendation for the Regions is to concentrate on Level 1 and 2 Courses this year, with Level 3 will rolling out when FINA make changes to Tech elements, in early 2018.
All Judges courses are whole day courses (9-5).

The ASA have been working with the Presenters of courses to develop the new content and will be able to provide each Region with the full list of presenters who are able (and willing!) to run these courses soon.

Booking of all courses – please book your courses through the online ASA booking system as normal, you will then be sent the forms that will be required to be populated. Please then send to Hannah Secher directly to check the forms who will forward onto the ASA to be uploaded onto the website. As these are all now 1 day courses, we would recommend a cost of £30 per candidate per course. Of course as a Region you can choose to run this at your own cost, or only charge those from outside of the Region, as you see appropriate.

Please consider within your budgets the cost of the running of the course; the room hire, refreshments, resources and also any fee for the tutor. Previously, there has been a range of approaches to Presenter fees throughout the country. We would suggest that at the very least petrol is reimbursed at the normal ASA rate as the normal for all Presenters and all courses, Presenters should not be at a loss for running the course. We would also suggest that Presenters are offered a fee for their time and expertise, of which can be discussed and negotiated between the Region and the individual Presenter. You may wish to discuss this with your Regional Committee as to how to arrange to pay expenses or a fee for tutors.

Grading Days
Sarah Darragh will be in touch with regions separately,  but these will follow a very similar structure to the way a Skill Assessment Day was run. The main difference being there is no longer the need to allow for re-takes.

You will need to appoint a ‘Senior Judge’ – this replaces the ‘Senior Assessor’. Any Level 3 Judge who is happy and willing to be the Senior Judge (ie do the role that the Senior Assessor did) can be allocated for this role. Sarah will also send out some more detailed guidance re this role.