Swim England / ASA Incorporation

Glasgow 2018 European Championships Volunteering Opportunities

Busy Weekend for North East Workforce Development

Sport England 2017-21 funding awards announced

Young Volunteer Training Makes an Impact at CADS

Aquatic Helper Workshop Success in Tees Valley

ASA Swimsuit Guidance

Blyth’s Weedy gets right Royal recognition!

ASA thanks Queen for Patronage

North East's Anne Reah elected ASA President 2016-17

Information about Aquatics Clubs in the North East

Community aquatic clubs provide a strong foundation enabling people to enjoy aquatics opportunities to get active, participate, volunteer and develop. Clubs are at the heart of the ASA North East Region and its 2013-17 business development plan.

The Region looks to support clubs by providing a range of resources and learning opportunities designed to help your club to continue to get stronger, grow and develop.

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