Swim21 Club Benefits and Outcomes

Swim21 is a valued club development tool, recognised as a quality mark across the industry, and of benefit to every club that holds it. The swim21 programme enhances club management, strengthens the structures and unites the club with a philosophy and programmes that ensure the best environment is available for all swimmers and club members. Many of the key benefits of achieving and maintaining swim21 are based around ethical and good practice principles, however there are often some financial benefits to obtaining swim21. Some of the benefits are listed below:

General Club Benefits

  • Access to a development tool for club improvement including the production of a Club Development Plan and the subsequent development of clear goals and ambitions that can be communicated to all club members and the wider community.
  • Identification of workforce training needs to improve club operation.
  • Develop an effective club management structure with clearly identified roles and responsibilities.
  • Access to a range of ASA templates and policies, following best practice and improving all areas of the club.
  • Greater number of appropriately qualified volunteers, who are safe to work with children and young people, with defined role descriptions.
  • Enhanced quality of coaching / teaching delivery and general improvements to workforce quality.
  • Prioritised support from ASA staff.
  • Pool time is sometimes prioritised towards swim21 clubs (local operator decision).
  • Opportunities to share best practice with other swim21 clubs and network with the swim21 community.
  • swim21 accreditation can be promoted within the local community by offering a safe environment to children and therefore security for parents.  It is a tangible statement to all stakeholders (Local Authorities, Schools, Parents, Swimmers etc) that you take quality and safety seriously.

Financial Benefits

  • £100 worth of IoS vouchers towards course / CPD costs per annum (12 month duration to use voucher). Click here to visit the IoS courses website.
  • 5% discount on ASA Awards and discounts at ASA Club Conferences and events.
  • County Association Grants / Bursaries – the North East region will consider applications from clubs who are swim21 accredited or working towards their accreditation.
  • Some pool providers offer a discount to swim21 clubs. The ASA National Club Survey findings indicate that the average pool hire rates of £18.60 per lane versus average of £15.48 (17% less) for swim21 accredited clubs.  This provides a saving of some £3000 per annum.
  • Accreditation can help with eligibility towards sports specific funding pots (e.g. County Sports Partnerships / Sport England- Small Grants Fund).