Swim21 FAQ


Below are some questions and answers which the regional officers are frequently asked about swim21. If the questions you have aren't answered then please contact the Regional Officers, who will be happy to help.


Our club has achieved swim21 essential, how long does the accreditation last?

The accreditation lasts for a year from the date your elements were approved at the National panel.  

What elements do we need to provide for swim21 essential  re-accreditation?
You will need to provide all 21 elements for re-accreditation, however there are a number of elements which you can re-use from your previous accreditation. More information can be found within the ASA swim21 essential health check document which can found here: Swim21 Club Essential Annual Health Check.


Who has access to the swim21 portal?
Initially the club secretary and then the swim 21 co-ordinator have access to the swim21 portal. The club secretary can assign more users to the portal if required.

Do we have to upload everything onto the portal at the same time?
No, you can upload documents as and when you have completed them. The North East officers will check your documents and provide you with support throughout your submission.

Our club hasn’t completed their accreditation on the new portal, are we still eligible for swim21?
Yes, all clubs who are affiliated with the ASA are eligible for swim21 essential accreditation.

Swim21 is a lot of work, what happens if we don’t complete all the documents in time for the regional panel?
North East regional officers are on hand to support you through completion of all the documents for the accreditation. Usually you will have the majority of documents in the club and uploading onto the swim21 portal is quick, with the ability to skip completed sections. If you don’t complete the evidence by the regional panel date then you won’t be able to take your documents to the national panel and you won’t get your accreditation.  

We are a masters only club, can we still be swim21 accredited?
Yes, clubs who are specifically for masters swimmers only can still become swim21 accredited. Elements relating to child safeguarding will not need to be completed in order to achieve the accreditation.