Swimmers Attend Regional Training Programme Camp in Catterick

36 Swimmers (18 Male/ 18 Female) from over twenty clubs from across the Swim England North East Region attended the first of three talent camps in Catterick on Sunday 1st July 2018.

The highest ranked 12 year old Male and Females (age as at 31st December 2018), were selected to attend.

The session covered Starts, Turns and Finishes and included two pool sessions, a strength and condition session and group workshop. The swimmers worked in small groups with a Skills Coach and other specialist staff.

The camp encouraged the swimmers to:

  • Keep energy levels high while having fun!
  • To be professional/ organised in all that you do (punctuality, nutrition etc).
  • Train with a purpose, be relentless, hard working and focused.
  • Communicate well with camp staff and fellow swimmers.
  • Be courageous – keep an open mind, trust yourself and your team.
  • Stay motivated by shared common goals.
  • Be friendly and approachable.
  • Help to provide a support unit that shows togetherness, camaraderie – be sensitive to others.

With the support of the Coaches and Team Mangers, the swimmers made great progress at working towards the camps main goals. Well done to all involved.

A further two camps take place later in the year.