Swimmers Join Forces in Tyne and Wear Hub

On Sunday 15th November 2015, 48 swimmers from five clubs within Tyne and Wear attended the first of the Tyne and Wear hub sessions at Gateshead Leisure Centre.

The hub has been established through the Tyne and Wear Club Network and aims to replicate the success of the Durham and Tees Valley hubs, providing additional training opportunities for swimmers and coaches within Tyne and Wear. It is hoped that through the hub and by training with different swimmers and coaches, the athletes will further develop their skills and level of performance. This approach is similar to that of the ASA award winning Northumberland and Durham / Sunderland Beacon programme which has been a great success within the region.

Paul Armstrong, coach at Gateshead and Whickham lead the two hour session supported by coaches from Tynemouth (Becki McGuire), South Tyneside (Lyndsay Kinlen), North Tyneside (Christopher Tibbs) and City of Sunderland (Paul Armstrong).  During the sessions, swimmers focused on Butterfly technique development, incorporating a range of different drill sets, a 15 metre Under-Water Fly Kick Time-Trial and a number of relay races.

Speaking about the session, Gateshead and Whickham swimmer Sarah March said “This was an extra training session to work on useful things from lots of perspectives. It is great that lots of coaches are involved”. City of Sunderland’s Vanessa Rubio added “the session was really good. It has improved my fly a lot! Everyone here is friendly.” “The session has been good preparation for the NER’s in Sunderland however I found it tiring though!” said Zoe Price from Gateshead and Whickham.“Everyone is really friendly and I have learned to keep flatter in the water “ said Tynemouth’s Amy Heron while South Tyneside’s Ewan Jenkins added ‘the session has helped me develop my stamina and technique.”

There are a number of hub sessions planned for the rest of the 2015 – 2016 season with Newcastle Swim Team also hoping to join in with the sessions. Gateshead and Whickham’s Zoe Price summed up the mood echoed by many after the session in just one work “Fun!”. Isn’t that what it’s all about?