Third North East Swimming Talent Camp for 2017 Takes Place

The last of three Swim England North East region swimming talent camps for 2017 took place at Catterick Leisure Centre on Sunday 26th November 2018.

The camps form part of the North East Region Performance Programme and provide an opportunity for 12 year old swimmers to develop their technical, tactical, physical and psychological skills with swimmers of a similar age and ability from across the region. The camps will also provide an opportunity for swimmers to work with different coaches and to train in different environments.

The camps were also a development opportunity for coaches from within the region to develop both their skills and experience by working with swimmers and other coaches with a range of different skills.

As part of the day in Catterick a nutrition workshop was delivered to swimmers parents and the swimmers by lead nutritionist Andy Shepherd. This provided an engaging and informative session to support the athletes with making improvements to what they eat and when then the should eat. In addition, lead Strength and Conditioning coach, Tim Jarrett, delivered a session on fundamental movement patterns.


Overall, the camps have been a positive and rewarding experience, and have helped to be a stepping-stone for all who attended to progress to further camps in the future.