Welcome to Diving in the North East!

Diving is seen as one of the most exciting sports in the world. It involves leaping and springing into water, while trying to perfect a series of perfect body positions. Diving is a sport where the diver jumps into a pool from a platform or springboard at a range of heights. Divers have many of the same characteristics as gymnasts and dancers, including: strength, flexibility, kinaesthetic judgment and air awareness. During competitions, divers have to perform a set number of dives, and a dive breaks down into three main phases: takeoff, flight and entry.

Diving opportunities are widely available across the North East region with the area being home of diving Olympic Gold medalists Jack Laughter and Chris Mears. Children learning to dive as an extension to their swimming lessons which offers them the chance to experience something new, fun and challenging. Further information on this is available here.

Across the region there are opportunities for divers to progress to either springboard diving on 1 and 3 metre boards and a high board which is performed from either 5 metres, 7.5 metres or 10 metres.

Once a diver has acquired and learnt the appropriate skills, age group competitions are available through various clubs which can then enable the diver to progress to regional and national competitions. Opportunities for Masters Diving also exist.

The North East region is keen to provide and develop diving opportunities through supporting the needs of clubs.