Young Volunteers at Bridlington SC Step Up to be Aquatic Leaders

27th March 2017

Four Young Volunteers from Bridlington SC have gone an extra step in the last few months with putting their skills to use at their club. Having attended the Young Volunteer Development Day at Castleford on 21st January, they all undertook the Young Aquatic Leaders training. The opportunity challenged them to work within a team, step outside of their boundaries and develop communication, organisation, leadership and planning skills. Each of the Young Volunteers were committed to doing two hours of practical volunteering as part of the training.

They chose to collectively plan, organise and deliver a Water Polo fun session for club members. Having negotiated with and gained the support of the club representatives, the event took part with a range of abilities being involved and the rules being adapted to make the event a fun, enjoyable rewarding experience for all. The volunteers had to be resourceful and imaginative to ensure that they session was appropriately equipped and safe. The session proved to be a great occasion with the participant requesting that further events were scheduled on a regular basis. The club committee have since agreed to purchase equipment for the benefit of those involved.
The young volunteers have since gone a step further to put together a youth committee to represent the views of the young members. They each put themselves forward for different positions and collectively decided who should take the roles. They have since pulled together various objectives that they would like to see implemented in the club and have gained the support of the club’s committee.
Chris Halliday, the club mentor who assisted and supported the young volunteers commented, “We were keen that as a club that we provided more than just swimming opportunities for our members. The development day provided us with the opportunity to put forward candidates who we felt would benefit them and bring the skills they’d leant back into the club. The Water Polo event was a great success and we’re delighted that they have gone onto form a youth committee to influence what the club does both now and in the future.”